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  1. Givenchy Live Irresistible


The composition is combination of fruit, flowers and spices. It begins with fruit notes of pineapple in the middle will feel bouquet of roses, and then it comes the base of amber. The face of the perfume is the famous actress Amanda Sejfild. The design of the bottle differs from the previous in this line, mostly because of the texture of the glass.

  1. Jadore Touché de Parfum


J’adore Touche de Parfum, reacts differently to female skin. Depending on the place of application, it develops infinitely many different notes, that are forming the person who wears it. You can apply one or two drops of the essential oils, in pulsed areas. The jasmine gives him a gentle femininity, while Indian Jasmine provides mix of strength and tenderness. At the heart of this perfume is damask rose which gives a strong and distinctive smell. The smell of perfume ends with quality precious sandalwood that is used by Dior for its perfumes.

  1. Joy Jean Patou


Enchanting perfume with irresistible color composition. The scent begins with notes of tuberose blossom, peach, Bulgarian rose petals through the yang yang. The middle note provides an interesting composition on the May rose, jasmine and dzhurdzhevka. While the base notes are filled with sensual musk and warm sandalwood. The bottle looks simple and elegant, but at the same time exquisitely. The perfume is available in quantities of 30ml, 50ml and 75ml.

  1. Sublime Jean Patou


This fragrance is dedicated to women who want to stand out and be noticed with its styling and attitude.The combination of beauty and harmony, packaged in a very elegant and luxurious bottle. Harmony notes, that bring sweet freshness of Bergen,mandarin and orange. The middle note is filled with rose, jasmine and orange blossom, and the lower notes drunk with its sensual vanilla from Madagascar, amber and sandalwood. The perfume is available in quantities of 30ml, 50ml and 75ml.

  1. Valentino Donna


Modern and classic smell of primordial femininity. Enigma of nature, destined to be a fascinating and charismatic woman who embodies independence, freedom and carelessness towards love. This piece begins with the sheet music essence of Italian mandarin, saffron; in essence represented the heart of the rose and the whole composition completes the notes that give the smell of leather and patchouli fraction.

  1. Jimmy Choo Illicit

jimmy cho

New perfume of the famous fashion house with the most beautiful Jimmy Choo shoes. Perfume intended for women who are provocative, seductive, take risks and have everything in their control. Jimmy Choo is the embodiment of the spirit of the woman who is hypothetical, attractive… Modern flower fragrance, which begins with sparkling notes leading to flowery heart and warm amber honey base. The top notes: ginger and bitter stream, in the heart of rose and jasmine, while the base is created of notes of honey, amber and sandalwood.

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