Rules To Follow

Perfectly dressed for work

  • Gentle classic – for girls with broad shoulders

You have broad shoulders? Do not worry. New coats of classic shape are perfect for you. Select slim fit model and be careful buttonhole overlay. In the deep V expression will distract from your shoulders.

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  1. Decorate the collar

Let your artistic stamps to come to the fore with these interesting accessories.



  1. Chic from head to toe – for girls with body in shape of hourglass

If you’re one of the lucky girls who possess the perfect shape of this body, then we recommend instead the classic suit for work to choose elegant overalls in dark olive tint, with wide trousers and sleeveless.


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  1. Instead jacket wear a vest – for girls with curves

Replace the classic jacket, long jacket with a simple shape. You get excellent and modern combination which will refresh the business look. Select length baggy pants to the ankles and a simple white shirt.




  1. The power of the white color – for girls with wide hips

Wide trousers perfectly suit the girls with large piles because the silhouette make visually longer and weaker. When they will add a jacket with a simple shape you will get a full shot.




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