Perfect makeup for the most beautiful day of your life!

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. One of the important factors, which complements the entire styling certainly is the makeup. Before you decide whether it will surrender the hands of the experts,your sister, friend or yourself, here are a few things that you should note.



  • Most brides look beautiful when they have a natural makeup. Therefore, the safest way is to use less makeup. If your wedding day starts during the day the makeup should look nice and gentle.
  • Take care not to use powders that are too bright or too dark. Select powder that matches your natural color. Observe the transitions between the face and the neck.
  • If you use waterproof mascara, consider that she may be smeared, especially if you’re an emotional person. If you wear glasses, the make-up can be a bit stronger, but still simple.
  • How to put makeup in three for your wedding?! Classic style bar red lipstick on the lips and the eyes outlined with black pencil. This style can be used for a wedding which is organized in a restaurant. Brides, who typically do not put make-up, should cherish the natural look. Choose natural makeup that will have filled only your shortcomings. This style is perfect for outdoor summer weddings.


 ~ we ❤ this!


 ~ we ❤ this!





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