Parsnip is good for the heart, but also useful in diet!

Parsnip is a diuretic; it regulates blood pressure, but also accelerates the fight against cellulite. According to its nutritional and medicinal properties, it is among the most valuable vegetable crops. Unfortunately, it is used primarily only as an addition to soups. The energy value in 100g parsnips almost matches the energy value of 100 ml milk – 75 calories.

Parsnip is good for the heart, but also useful in diet

From other types carrots, parsnip distinguished by the high content of mineral ingredients. Almost half of them account for potassium is of particular physiological importance. Calcium and phosphorus have equally, and although it is rich in magnesium, sulfur, iron and copper. Sodium has relatively little, and it’s among the major dietary products. Most of the vitamins have vitamin C and beta carotene.

Root and parsnip seeds are an excellent diuretic, promote excretion of urine, eliminate gas from the stomach and intestines, regulating blood pressure and is used for stimulating the appetite. If thick soup of leeks and parsnips eaten in a while, its diuretic effect significantly affect weight loss and accelerate the fight against cellulite.

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