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One more Russian beauty – Anna Pavaga!

 Anna Pavaga is born in Russia ,the place where the most beautiful girls are born!

Anna Pavaga is the new fashion child, that is coming from Russia. It seems that Russia is giving the fashion world the most gorgeous girls who can take over the fashion scene. That’s no wonder since Russian people have stunning facial features, from breathtaking blue eyes, gorgeous light brown hair and cheek bones to die for.

Anna was born in St. Petersburg, 2nd November, 2009 and it seems that the minute she was born, she was meant to be a model.  She was only 3 when she did her first photo shoot and everyone was amazed by her first photos. As her modeling career grew, she gained a lot of experience shooting for various magazines and catalogues. This gorgeous little girl’s favorite hobbies are modeling and ballet dancing. With her piercing blue eyes and breathtaking features, she can make a huge impact in the fashion world.

What do you think can Anna Pavaga replace Kristina Pimenova, the most beautiful girl in the world?

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