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A classic new york drink that has nary an egg, just whole milk, seltzer, and chocolate syrup. my percussion teacher in college, gordon, informed me during one of our timbale lessons that it has to be Fox’s u-bet syrup.Absolutely has to be. (it’s not an egg cream without fox’s, molly, now please show me how much cascara you practiced this week…something like that.)

Past the basic ingredients, everybody has a different way of making it and everybody’s way is the best. some add the syrup at the beginning, some add it after the milk and seltzer, some have strong opinions about the type of glass used…


1/2 c nutella

3/4 c whole milk, very cold

1 c seltzer, very cold


in a bowl of measuring cup, whisk together the nutella and 1/4 cup of milk to make a syrup.

divide the remaining milk between two glasses and then top with the seltzer. mix in the nutella syrup, dividing it evenly between the glasses. enjoy!

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