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Numerology reveals: What kind of energy do you have in your home?

Each number possesses a certain energy that can have a positive or negative impact on our lives. The same is true for the number of the house or apartment you live in. Well, what the number of dwellings for tenants reveal?

To find out, you must first make several calculations. If you live in a house, you will consider her number, and if you live in a building, you will consider the number of the building and the apartment in which you live. All this will be collected and reduced to a single number. You will collect the resulting number with your biorhythm number. So you will find out what kind of energy in your home is, what impact it has on you and how to increase the positive energy.

For example:

The number of the building is 47 = 4 + 7 = 11 = 2

The number of the apartment is 4 = 4 + 2 = 6

Biorhythm = day + month of birth

For example, if you were born on 23.09, your biorhythm is: 2 + 3 + 9 = 14 = 5

At the end, you collect all the numbers: 6 (the sum of the numbers of the building and the apartment) + biorhythm = 11 = 2 (the energy of your home)

Calculate and then read more about energy in your home …

1 – This number denotes individuality and originality. There are new ideas in this home, projects are starting and new challenges are being posed. But number 1 brings less success in emotional life. It encourages loneliness and criticality in relation to others. The unit also brings about indecision over some important life decisions. It’s best to decorate the home in tones of gold, yellow or dark green, because they increase the positive energy.

2 – This number symbolizes changes. In this home it is rarely boring and monotonous. Usually it’s a simple home, with a mild irregularity and relaxation. The couple encourages love, and tenants often work from home or carry their work home. They are interested in areas such as technology, travel, and alternative medicine. Sometimes fast and wrong moves occur, which must be started from the beginning. More often ventilate the home, keep the light and throw away unnecessary things. There are frequent water problems in this house, such as leaking the boiler in the toilet.

3 – The people of this home are perfectionists. They are kind and loyal friends, spirits and a little extravagant. They have many solid attitudes when it comes to personal freedom and religion. They are prone to wasteful spending. In this home, blue tones and wood are welcome. You must be reasonable and practical.

4 – This is a complicated place to live. The quadruple is a symbol of conflicts where energies struggle for stability and change. Number 4 brings sensitivity, spirituality and helping the loved ones. This is a place for durable people with great inner strength. For them, the most important thing is to set priorities.

5 – A place of harmony and emotions. Sociability, laughter and communicativity are the most important. Domestic are successful in their work. They can overcome all obstacles if they focus on priorities. This is a home where there are some minor flaws such as loss of keys or forgetting to turn off the home appliances. Metal objects can reduce negative energy.

6 – This number symbolizes determination and solid attitudes. Or it is a home of silence and balance, or a place with noise and constant changes. Number 6 draws emotions from people. The domestic are very creative and dedicated to the hobby they relax. In order to increase the positive energy, the home should have yellow and green colors, and the living room should be comfortable.

7 – Number of dreams and fantasies. The week brings spirituality, but also vulnerability. It is sometimes difficult for domestic ones to separate reality from fantasy, so they have different views than others. In this home the most creative is the creativity of people. They also want to keep pets.

8 – Symbol of respect, strength and permanence. This number will bring their reputation, authority and glory to the domestic ones. They are very responsible and want to please people. The 8th carries traditional values, friendship, love and work.

9 – Symbol of large divisions, different temperament of domestic and different ways of thinking. People living in this home are great initiators, they know what they want and they are trying to get it. They are resourceful and successful in their work. But occasionally there is occasional tension and confusion between the domestic ones.

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