Nothing lasts forever! The famous Arnold Schwarzenegger sleeps on the street in front of his statue ….

The famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger put a photo of him sleeping on the street in front of his famous bronze statue, and wrote sadly – “How the times are changing!”

The reason he wrote this phrase is not because he is old (he turns 71 in July), but because when he was the governor of California, he promoted a hotel in front of which  was set his statue.

The Personal of the hotel then told him: “At any moment you can come and there will be a reserved room for you.”

When Arnold was no longer a governor and went to the hotel, the manager refused to give him a room saying that he would have to pay if he wanted to stay with them.
The actor brought a sleeping bag and laid himself in front of the statue and explained his move with the words: “When I was in an important position, they were always ‘courting’, and when I lost my position, they forgot me and did not keep their promise. Do not believe in the position nor the money that you have, neither your power nor intelligence, it will not last forever. ”

Trying everyone to learn that “when you are important” in the eyes of people, everyone is your “friend”. But, once you do not benefit their interests, you are not important anymore.
“You are not always the one you think you will be, nothing lasts forever,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger.