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No matter how full your closet is: 10 pieces without our wardrobe is not complete!

Trends come and go, but the basic pieces remain forever. Which are they, without the fashionable woman can not imagine the wardrobe?

They form the basis of appearance, so much of the wardrobe should always occupy a tissue. fashion classics. Especially in the cold months, when layered combinations occur on city streets.

Base shoes and footwear are the foundation of good taste and style,  but you should pay a little more money if you want to get top quality in return.

And, no matter how full your closet is, the ten pieces that are not complete with the wardrobe of the ladies are:

1. Black jacket
Elegant, neutral and perfect for every occasion – black jacket is the ultimate basic piece of clothing that you just need to have.

2. Thick sweater
Neither wardrobe is complete without a warm, thick sweater in a neutral shade, either beige or gray.

3. Classic coat
The ever-popular slim coat, however, inevitably introduces a dose of elegance in appearance. It fits in every style, and time has shown that it will never get out of fashion. On tying or tapping, the coat is a classic that you must not forget.

4. Black roll
It’s hard to imagine colder days without this versatile piece that perfectly fits in on all occasions. In addition, the black roll always acts modern and refined.

5. White shirt
The classic “male” piece has been a hero in women’s clothing for years. If you combine the white shirt with ordinary jeans and fine high heels, the appeal will not be missing in any case.

6. Flat boots
What is winter without black flat boots or ankle? Although every cold season is difficult to resist the new trends for shoes, for such a pair you should always find a place in the closet. Realistically – you will spend most of these months in them.

7. Debt cardigan
Voluminous, or slimmer, the long cardigan is an ideal piece to play and the most stylish styling. And, on top of everything and warm. Well, you will adore itand wear it constantly.

8. Tight jeans

Although they are no longer the most popular, they have been on the fashion throne for so long that they have become a fashion classic without which no woman can imagine everyday life. Other trends may have managed to throw them in the background, but the narrow are still the most adjustable model of jeans that exists.

9. Elegant trousers
Pants with a fringe along the middle of the trousers, which look as part of an outfit, will for a moment give you distinction and elegance. Well, for every lady, at least one of them will come to her in her ward.

10. Straight blouse
The class celebrated by Coco Chanel, you will find today in the wardrobe of every fashist. The most popular variant is streaked in white and black, or dark blue. We are synonymous with the French chic, but you can easily transfer it to city streets, wherever you are.


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