“Niche” – Perfumes, incredible combination

Niche Perfumes are non-commercial perfumes that cannot be found in any perfume shop . This is because they are not mass-oriented or they are not serving advertisements or marketing to reach the client for them the best marketing is a good voice.

Perfume makers believe that perfume is art to be like anyone, so their perfumes are often a challenge to the senses.

Niche perfumes are created from carefully selected ingredients, no matter whether it is natural or synthetic, and most attentive to detail.

The packaging of these perfumes is known to be ritual since the boxes tend to be decorated with cashmere, leather, machinery or crystals.

Commercial vs. Niche – luxurious, elegant and unique.

Niche perfumes are ideal to highlight their individuality and to separate from the uniformity of mass consumption.

The most famous Niche perfumes are: Amouage, Annick Goutil, Bond Ny, Histories de Perfums, Peris monte carlo,Kilian, Different Company, Creed and Xerjoff.

  1. Amouage
  2. Annick Goutil


  1. Bond Ny


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