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Niaqornat: How it looks like the life in the village “at the end of the world”?

Niaqornat is a small village in Greenland, where live only 59 residents. Ice melting, isolation, a month complete darkness, cold and lack of sanitation are just a few features of this place, which can be said to be located at the “end” of the world.The village got electricity in 1988. The population recently has the ability to communicate via satellite and Internet.

Niaqornat is a settlement in the Qaasuitsup municipality in northwestern Greenland. The settlement is located on the northern coast of the Nuussuaq Peninsula, with a wide view over Uummannaq Fjord.

The only teenager in the village, Lars, is not particularly interested in tradition and some blame him for the Internet and for his restless spirit. Lars listen rap music, entertain Google Earth, and bored deals and carving. He can not go out and introduce a new company, and even can not find our girl.

If he wants to marry, he must look for woman in the neighboring villages. Niaqornat is a very small place and the population consisted of two large families and only a few people who are not relatives.

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Sewage does not exist, but every morning a man is collecting cans with feces which carries them and thrown into the landfill provided specifically for this. The village owns large water tanks that supply the population with drinking water from the mountain lakes. There is a building of the local community, which has a modern bathroom and laundry room.


Villagers also formed an organization that works to attract tourists, especially those who are traveling with ships and boats can go to their place and see how they live and what their occupation is .

The infrastructure of the village is minimalist and residents go to work in a neighboring village by helicopter, whose owner has a contract with the state, while groceries to this place occasionally arrive by boat. The residents are using sled dogs for hunting or fishing – the main occupation of the people who live there.


Climate change is  unknown to the inhabitants of Niaqornat. Greenland ice melt and affects directly affects to their way of living. In 2012 the director  Sarah Gavroche and the cinematographer David Katcnelson visited this small village and made a documentary where old and new collide, and observed the struggle of peasants to climate change and government policies.

In this village there are not many jobs: One place in a grocery shop, teacher, an administrator of the village ,sewage collector and so. Here there is no classic system, but traditionally, the hunter is the chief of the village.


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