New Trend :Nails like broken glass!

Did you know that the Chinese take the broken items and glue them with a liquid gold, when put together to see their crack and to know that this thing survived a lot and has century history, which is much more valuable than a new dish from a store?

So perhaps guided by that logic and maybe just thirsty for innovation, artists worldwide started a new trend for the small canvas of the fingers: nails like broken glass.
It looks impressive, interesting, unusual and certainly creative, so try it!

glass-nails screen-shot-2015-10-21-at-4-31-04-pm ejemplos_unas_cristal_roto_ maxresdefault-3 shattered-glass-nails-4 n____________ f2-e1480351478502 ob_a26a17_pink-shattered-glass-nails-7


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