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New season – new rules: The latest and most modern trends for home decorating

If you are planning to renovate or rearrange your home for this fall, then we have to tell you that you have chosen the ideal time for changing. Do not be afraid to try out any of these trends, because your home will look fashionable and refreshed. The new trends are original and fun, and at the same time very simple to combine.

Blue-black walls

Perhaps it’s the right time to add a little color to your white walls. And under the color we do not mean some bright, pastel shades. It’s dark blue and black. Do not worry that your room will look gloomy and dark, because this combination of colors will give it the character and depth of the room, and at the same time a certain dose of elegance.

Scandinavian accent

The Scandinavian arrangement of the home won us even after it appeared. Bright, spacious rooms, plenty of canvas, comfort, striking chairs, white, gray, and this is just one part of what we can expect this autumn.

Beige tones

The different beige tones are back in the trend. It is important to combine them with other cream nuances, such as warm white and orange, to “break” the prevalence of one color in the room. All these nuances in combination with furniture that has defined edges and shapes gives a certain dose sophistication in your home.

Combining different patterns without rules

At first glance it may sound intrusive and excessive. But once the temperatures fall, the pavement is recommended, whether it’s the clothes or the arrangement of the home. The whole point is in a minimized opportunity to combine different patterns. Railways, dots, palm trees, fur, animal print, without rules, because everything is allowed!

Monochrome battens

According to an unwritten rule – the battens, the frames, and the prominent parts are colored in some opposite color from the wall, preferably white. But this season it falls into oblivion. The goal is to have it all in the same color as the wall surrounding it. And believe it or not, this looks great!

Unusual bathtubs

New trends have emerged and when it comes to decorating the bathroom. Currently the so-called “stock tank” bat are the most popular in the decorating world. They are designed on the basis of the namesake pools, and these tubs are also produced from porcelain, which is significantly tempting for buyers.

Natural materials

Natural materials are always better than artificial. Not only when it comes to clothing and footwear, but furniture. They are more and more actual, and they become an integral part of the premises where they were not previously. For example, a table and chairs in the kitchen or a large chandelier that illuminates them.

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