New animated films for which the whole family with stay in front of the TV!

Qualitative cartoons today are rare indeed, and those who are good really worth a look regardless of your age.


Some look better thanks to the computer graphics, the characters are cute and warm, and the jokes more than funny.

10 incredibly good animated films which are worth to see the whole family:

1. “Kubo and the Two Strings”

A young boy named Kubo night mustn’t go out at night, otherwise his evil grandfather will capture him…

2. “Moana”

The young daughter of a guide to the tribe must go on a journey to find the demigod who will help her to get rid of the old curse.

3. “The Good Dinosaur”

Incredibly good movie by Pixar’s worth to see it ..

4. “The Book of Life”

Manolo is a young man who goes on an adventure through three fantastic worlds to find his sweetheart.

5. “Storks”

The storks no longer bear children rather than families, but shipments. But all that will be changed once they will have to bring a baby accidentally who they made it.

6. “Trolls”

Once Bergens attacks the city trolls, the happiest troll goes on a journey to save his friends.

7. “Ice Age: Collision Course”

The saga is Continuing, Manny, Diego and Sid this time are trying to save the world from meteors.

8. “Ballerina”

A little orphan girl, who is dreaming to become ballerina, is leaving in Paris hoping to realize her dreams.

9. “The Secret Life of Pets”

Max live peacefully with its owner until one day she brought a new dog in the apartment.













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