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Nails – a mirror of your personality

Nails – a mirror of your personality

Exactly our nails are the mirror of our personality, because they should always be neat, manicured and lacquered. The trends can change like everything else in the world of beauty.

Here you can see some examples for the New Years Eve…

  • Volcanic Red


  Red! the color of love and passion. Always, when you like to look seductive, your beautifully manicured nails you can lacquer them with red embers and look perfectly. For most striking effect, can be combined with black clothes, but then you must put another red lipstick and a red detail. The effect will be wow…. For different combinations you can use light or cherry red color of manicure, but by the red color you should be careful of the manicure to be fresh and perfect, because even the slightest scratch on the claw is notice.


  • Mix of colors

mix color


The trend of pastel colors continues. And if only you make a beautiful combination of some harmonized color, or with some flowers, geometric shapes or other shapes, then it will look perfect. You can make the manicure alone but it is recommended to be made by professionals, because even the slights movement of the brush is noticeable. This is especially important when you combine colors and manicure with shapes. It is easier when you lacquer with just one color. The effect in any case is always marvelous. This can be done on long and medium long nails.


  • Snow white


Are the white and the black – colors?! Some says that the white color is the color of innocence. If she can be found on your nails combined with zircons or with other elements of decoration, than your nails will look stunning. Especially this trend color never fade away, rather it is incoming trend for every season. In the summer days it highlights the bronze tan on your hands and in winter time isassociated with the snow – white days. You will have a perfectly elegant nails, which offers you the opportunity to carry on countless fashion combinations.


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