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Mysterious Amelia is the most beautiful member of the British royal family!

For a moment, forget about Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Megan Markl and concentrate on a lesser-known member of the British royal family.

Unobtrusively and quite subtly, the 21-year-old Lady Amelia Windsor was declared the most beautiful royalty, and we are sure that no know that this young girl …

Lady Amelia is the daughter of Dr. Silvana and Thomas Earl of St Andrews, George Windsor, who is the oldest son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent – first cousin of Queen Elizabeth.

Beautiful Amelia’s 36th in a row, the heiress to the British throne, but the number one when it comes to beauty.

Student at the University of Edinburgh is a model who appears on fashion week in Paris, the shows of “Dolce & Gabbana” and “Penelope Chilvers” and was declared the best-dressed young royalty.

Lady Amelia adorn the classic, elegant and a bit ethereal, beauty, and in her rare public appearanceshe attracts unconventional way of dressing:

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