Modern pieces of clothing that will conquer our hearts the next year!

The new year is just the right time for your Christmas list of  decisions that you are going to meet in the the old one, but also a time to have fun with your wardrobe. Say goodbye to the fashion trends that we saw in 2016 and “embrace” those who will take their throne in the 2017.It may not be easy, but some pieces of clothing on their own will make you fall in love with them at first sight. Here is the list of anticipated fashion trends for 2017.

1. Instead of the classic coats with fur, predicts that rustling jackets will again dominate on the street fashion combinations. In whatever fashion combination you will bear them, you will look modern and urban.

2. The popular tops with slumped sleeves , will be replaced with more effective tops with one shoulder. A perfect blend of glamor, elegance and extravagance.

3. In 2017 the great Carnero is back. Wear them in all shapes, ie all pieces of clothing.

4. The bells again won our hearts in 2016, but in the 2017 we will carry even more, but only in shorter forms. “Crop” jeans are back in fashion!

5.This trend will many accept difficult, but next year you will “embrace” this model of earrings.

6. Forget about the shirts with tying and those with laces. Required in the 2017 will be romantic blouses with high collar. This model is intended for sophisticated ladies!

7. If you want urban look, then you will want and the vintage shirts with print that will decorate your street fashion combinations in the coming year.