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Modern Apartment in Paris!

The Design studio SABO renovated an apartment in Paris of a young designer created the perfect modern home from which every young person would be thrilled.

The apartment is located in the historic part of Paris Montmartre, a redesign of the area included several inserts, multi-functional wall that serves as a staircase, cabinets and shelves, and sliding partition. The Stairs perfectly fit into the young atmosphere that shows at a glance.

The area abounds in natural light to the middle of the hallway, and the white surfaces do double the size of the space as it is. The kitchen is a mini vertical garden with fresh aromatic plants, a steel sink and base make the kitchen as a professional. The strong colors of the floor are made up of 25 rubber bands in 14 different colors. The design is excellent, and the building in which the apartment is a separate story.

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