Miracle between fruit: prevent cancer, slow down theaging and melt the fat!

Besides that strengthen the body, keep your eyes and contribute to bone health, it is proven that apricots reduce the risk of causing cancer and prolong life expectancy. Fresh apricot is rich in vitamin A, B and C and various minerals.

Eating nuts and dried apricots, most of the inhabitants of the valley Hunza experience old age. However, the impact of modern food come up to these mountain ends, and young residents of this tribe are prone to sitting and inactivity.

What is particularly intriguing about this fruit is the fact that it is a compound that is derived from the seed of the apricot – amygdalin from which extraction is simple and gets Leatril or B17. In 1971, B17 was banned in the US, and that is what some call the real cure for cancer.

Apricots contain 10 times more magnesium than the rest of fruit or influence in the improvement of brain function due to the high levels of magnesium and phosphorus. These elements can help to normalize the blood pressure..

Fresh apricot is rich in carotenoids and xanthophylls, that protect eyesight, prevent muscle degeneration and weakening of eye muscles in old age.

Apricots are suggested to the persons who want to lose weight, and also help in treating various infections, prevent heart disease, rebuild damaged tissue, reduce levels of bad cholesterol and promote the development of teeth and bones.


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