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Meet Ava Clark, the beautiful and little albino black girl!!

After Ava Clark was born, her parents immediately noticed there was something different about it. Her eyes were blue-green, pink lips strong and bright skin. Even her hair that was slowly staring to grow it was blond. All this was so unusual because her biological parents are African-Americans with brown eyes. But precisely because of its beautiful and unique appearance, it quickly began to attract the eyes of the fashion agencies.

Today Clark is 8 years old and already has had a long career as a model. Its unique appearance is the result of albinism, a genetic disorder that is manifested by lack of pigment in the skin, eyes and hair. Albinism can occur in all races and in addition to causing vision problems and excessive sensitivity to the sun, no problem for the health of the person.


Clark has undergone numerous tests and genetic tests on her eyes as a baby, but even though, the doctors said that they would quickly blind, she defies the odds. After 4 years of age type of Ava stopped getting worse and now has the opportunity to go to school and usually wearing ordinary glasses. But unlike other children her age, she does not have to be reminded to wear.

Although she worked with major fashion companies, life is not easy for people with albinism. Very often the disorder undergoes various stigmas, and those who possess ridiculed for their unusual appearance – especially the “red eyes” – myth stems from the fact that the glare from the devices sometimes make their bright green, blue or gray eyes act red photos.

These problems are even worse in Africa, where it can be life threatening. It is not because albinism is fatal, but because the people who possess it are often hunted down, abducted and killed. In places like Malawi and Tanzania, it is believed that parts of the body of these people are magical and are used to make medicinal potions. People in these countries live in fear of being kidnapped and dismembered, and then their limbs and organs were sold to witch doctors.

When you’re watching the photographs of Ava Clark it will be very difficult to believe that anyone would want to hurt her or anyone like her. If you take off the country its beauty, it’s easy to notice that she knows how to seduce the camera. And those who know personally say that her character is equally intoxicating. Being so young, so lovely inside and out, while exceeding all those negative forecasts and long-term social stigmas is something that we all admire seamlessly.

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