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Maple syrup – powerful benefits!

Packed with dozens of components that promote health, recent studies said that the syrup can protect you from Alzheimer’s disease.But nutritionists warn in relation to the following fact: 60% of the composition of maple syrup accounts to the sugars, that means that in only one gram you can entered just 3 calories.

For maximum benefits lead up from the color; the darker maple syrup usualy is a bit richer with nutrients material and antioxidants.


Quebec has always been the sweet spot when it comes to maple syrup, but now a northern Ontario family-run business is giving them some serious competition.

Dan and Tracy Seguin were awarded the grand champion for their light maple syrup at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair held in Toronto last week.

The family has been making maple syrup at their Sucrerie Seguin Sugarbush in Lavigne, Ont. for generations.

Dan credits Quebec products for the maple syrup industry’s research and development, but said it’s nice to see local syrup come to the forefront.

“I feel that our producers here are not as industrial [or] commercial,” he said. “We are more family oriented, family-run businesses, instead of large corporations.”

Ontario producers only make up a small percentage of maple syrup consumed around the world, he said.

The maple syrup competition, which brings in top competitors from Ontario, Quebec, and New York, grades the syrup on things like clarity, taste, and consistency.

“Every little area has it’s own little taste, it’s own characteristics,” Dan said.

The couple have been entering their products at the fair since 2009. This was their first time winning.


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