Makeup according to the eye color

Eye color makeup dictates that you should use to highlight your beauty. Of course, you can always try some new shades to experiment with unusual connections and having fun with strong shades. But if you stay within the rules about what color makeup suits you best in terms of eye color, then believe me you’ll look like a queen.

Makeup according to the eye color

  1. Blue eyes

For each day – dark gray, gray, pink, dark – blue, black (Combine the black color with clear blue the effect “smoky eyes”).

Evening makeup – silver, turquoise, dark-pink.

  1. Green and hazel eyes

For each day – brown, apricot color, purple, blue, dark green or light green (because both colors are green and the eyes give light)

Evening makeup – golden, shiny, lime-green, very light green, purple.

  1. Brown eyes

For each day – bronze, copper, champagne colored bright pink as dragging Jassim, brown, beige, brown green.

Evening makeup – tangerine color, royal-blue, intense pink, lemon green (contrast highlights brown eyes)

  1. Black eyes

For each day and night – navy blue the basis color for definition, and for highlighting light blue.


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