The Macedonian pop-diva Karolina Goceva delights with her new album!

“White embroidered days, a silky thread, lips co-ruby sent on white palms to the snow …

In the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, the first of the seven scheduled concerts by Macedonian pop-diva Karolina Goceva was held last night, promoting her latest album entitled “Source”, and at the same time she did not mention the most beautiful tracks from the project “Macedonian Girl”.

Karolina Gocheva looked beautiful and graceful, playful and happy, and with a warm and lavish voice sang all 20 songs at the concert, singing on stage for 2 hours and 30 minutes without pause.

The musical rich program with the songs from the new album has trembled and delights the hearts of all present. The new songs were greeted by the audience with a strong applause, in order to sing them all together, according to some of the already well-known songs, from the previous album.

The remarkable musicians who accompanied her as well as the artistic scenography with a huge portrait painted by the painter and her husband Mikhail Korubin, delighted her fans.


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