Love Poison

Three cocktails that will tickles the senses and will drink you of love.

  1. Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon

  • Ingredients
  • 30ml lime juice
  • 30 ml vodka or white rum
  • 30ml Blue Curacao
  • 30ml Sprite

Put the crushed ice in a tall glass and mix the ingredients, it goes great with a slice of lemon as decoration. It is a strong cocktail and can easy to drink you and probably is refreshing, lighter variant is with white rum instead of vodka.

  1. Romance


  • Ingredients
  • 20ml Kahula
  • 20ml Bailey’s
  • 20ml licker of cacao
  • 30ml whipped cream

Mix all ingredients with ice and serve them in a martini glass garnish with cherry and serve it with strawberries and melted chocolate. Strong flavored liqueur coffee flavored with an irresistible chocolate.

  1. Felicia


  • Ingredients

90ml vodka with flavor of apple

90ml juice of cranberry

Mix both ingredients in a shaker with ice. Serve in a tall glass and decorate with a slice of apple. Simple cocktail that worship all, easy and taste much vodka.


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