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Looking for a perfectly-imperfect hairdo? The new futuristick trend!

Short hairstyles are back in the spotlight. Instead of the perfectly straight hair where every strand is in its place, this season is a wobbly bob-hairstyle that relentlessly resembles Mila Jovovic in the film The Fifth Element.

According to the stylists, this hairstyle carries freedom, signifying power and nonchalance simultaneously.

Shiny bumps that perfectly complement the short layers of hair are accentuated.

The good news is that you will not spend hours in phoenixing and straightening your hair.

It’s enough to just dry it with a hairdryer and wake it up. The goal is to look as naturally and unnecessarily as possible. Perfectly imperfect hairstyle, is not that a good idea? Are you ready for a futuristic boob?

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