Look at the trailer for Stephen King’s new film!

Gerald’s Game is a novel by Stephena King since 1992. The focus of the story is the woman who accidentally kills her husband while she is tied to a bed by handcuffs, which soon realizes she is trapped and that there is no great hope for her rescue. After the romantic day, the couple are trying to revive their private life, but the games are moving in a completely wrong direction, and the woman stays on the bed from which she can not get rid of it, and it does not make sense to call for help because they are in the secluded little house on the lake.

The script of the same film was signed by Jeff Howard and Mike Flanagan, directed by Mike Flanagan, and in the main roles are Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood.
The film is available on Netflix today, September 29th.

See the trailer …


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