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Look at this beautiful pink diamond, the second largest in the world!

Colored diamonds are very rare, making them very valuable, and the largest is found in the mine “Alrosa” .

“Alrosa” is a diamond mine in Russia that is the largest of its kind in the world. Statistics confirm that this group digs large quantities of diamonds annually.

However, this gemstone maker was recently quite excited about digging a huge diamond in one of its discoveries.

The unbroken pink diamond is the most expensive diamond that has been discovered so far in the Alrosa mines and this data already makes it quite special. The size of the diamond is 22.47 x 15.69 x 10.9 mm and with very small defects, and its weight is 27.85 carats.

Colored diamonds weighing over 10 carats are extremely rare, and when it comes to pink diamonds, the largest that has been excavated in Alrosa, mines have so far weighed about 3.86 carats.

It is also not a novelty that colored diamonds are sold for a huge amount of money. For example, auction house Christie last year sold the Oppenheimer Blue diamond 14.64 carats for $ 58 million, while in the auction house “Sotheby’s” the Pink Star diamond weighing 59.6 carats in April this year was sold for $ 71 million.

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