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Like a greenhouse: Botanist – a restaurant in Vancouver!

Pastel tones and abundance of plants fill this hotel restaurant and bar in Vancouver, which created the local studio Ste Marie, following the greenhouse model …

The Botanist Restaurant is located within the Fairmont Bacific Rome Hotel in the city center, serving its guests with breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. The restaurant is designed in the form of four different spaces, in which different food experiences are created. As the designers say, each space has its own personality.

A zone is a champagne lodge, located near the lobby, where a pink golden trolley is chosen to create a pop sensibility that fits the glamor that is now present in this room.

In contrast, the cocktail bar is decorated in dark colors, like the green that is used for carpets and curtains, while in other rest areas the gray color is dominant.

The small terrace forms a garden indoors, which is filled with plants of various types and sizes, while its ceiling is also green with interlacing with small bulbs.

The main dining room has a bright palette of colors, with benches that are upholstered in pale pink and beige fabrics, while individual chairs are in pastel blue.


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