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The liitle son of the model Amanda Booth became the first person with Down’s syndrome on the front page of “Vogue”!

The model Amanda Booth and her little son  Mika have beautified the front page of the new Vogue Living Netherlands.

The 3-year-old boy has Down’s syndrome and is currently the first person with this genetic disorder that appears on the front page of the prestigious magazine.

“‘VOG’! I’m pretty sure that Mika is now the first person with Down’s syndrome on the Vogue’s front page. I could not be ahead of this. Thank you for sharing our story! “Booth wrote on her Instagram profile.

In the editorial, the model posed beside her husband, but in the center of warm photographs is the sweet Mika. She once again opened up to live with Mika and how challenging it is to grow and raise a child with Down’s syndrome. Booth joked that she and her husband avoided making plans in advance. “If you do not have plans, nothing can go wrong. At least you come to surprises, and that’s much more fun, “she says.

The slow but comfortable living inspired Vogue Living’s editors to include Mika’s family in the latest edition. “The American model Amanda Booth embodies a way of perfect living. In addition to the love for her sweet son who has Down syndrome, Amanda opened up for her life, for her beautiful family story and home in the hills of Los Angeles, where nature has a central place, “they wrote in an announcement to Instagram.



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