Land where the grass is greenest and castles are magical – Ireland

Extraterrestrial beauty packaged in the form of bays, islands, valleys and cliffs – that is Ireland. Its unique history, culture and mythology perfectly complement the natural beauty of this country.


Each castle, windmill and seemingly ordinary path has their own legend, passed on from generation to generation.

It seems that the natural landscape of Emerald Island was created especially for lonely wanderers who can spend hours and hours wandering through the greenery and finding his own peace.

The harsh climate, with cold winds, even in summer, lonely cliffs and seemingly untouched wilderness surrounded by rebellious waves of the Atlantic Ocean have driven tourists again and again coming back to this country.

And for those who have no desire to wander through nature you can always visit traditional Irish pubs and drink the most famous beer “Guinness” enjoying the indispensable Irish music.jkdwa tier2








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