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Kiss – Guess the real tint

Paint the real kiss under the shade of your skin…thus you get the perfect lipstick.

  • porcelain

Red color of cherry and pink shades with cool blue background are best for the complexion. The warm tones of peach are also a good choice. But beware of very bright tones.




  • warmer light

Blue grounds will make you uncharacteristically. Stick to the shades that have a pink or orange base to highlight the natural heat of the skin.




  • Olive

The strong shades will be your strong side. Try with a brick red or hot pink. Avoid blue grounds, as it would not look nice.


pink lips

red lipstick

  • Hazelnut

The lips are your trump card! Choose bold colors – the color of chocolate and that of forest fruit is a fantastic choice.


lips dwa

very red lipstick

  • Chocolate

Avoid brown tones. Bold and bright shades will suit perfectly to your complexion. Pretty shades brick red or red wine.


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