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Key pieces of clothes by the Parisian woman!

Everything that will put the French women, encounters on a great fascination of women worldwide. They are classy, chic and always dressed according to the occasion, and autumn brings them yet another layer which was lacking for a complete look and “wow” effect, because of their ability styling layered combinations, and because of their laid-back, classic look.


By the choosing we bear in mind women who incorporated some of their own style and become synonymous with style, such as Coco Chanel, Jane Birkin, Bridgette Bardot and Catherine Deneuve (these are just a few).

1.White Shirt

One of the fastest outfits when you do not know what to put are jeans, ballet shoes, white shirt, earrings, necklace or scarf, depending on the circumstances, but always comfortable.


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2. Blazers with shape fit and coat of medium length and classic shape

They lifted to a higher level each combination. Parisian well know that nothing is as sexy as a combination of a short skirt and long coat. With jeans or over a dress, coat and blazers always look chic.

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3. Big sunglasses

Without the current trends, the ladies in Paris address the most impressive love sunglasses when it comes to this fashion accessory, never saving.


4. Flat shoes or shoes with medium high heels

High heels are generally uncomfortable and completely flat shoes are often not sexy. Because of that French women found the right measure, and adore heels with an average that elongate the leg, but not at the expense of comfort.


5. Bags

Classic structured handbags add a dose of elegance to every styling, and nobody knows how to flirt with elegance and easygoing as the Parisian do.


6. Black dress

Black is the most common choice of thaFrench women who wear layers and complete with something special. Little black dress for the day with a simple jacket with selected additives it suitable for evening.


7. Jeans and pants that reach the ankles


8. Simple, but in a good quality “T-shirt”

This garment is primarily comfortable, so a chic wardrobe must have expensive shirt (with a jacket, of course).


9. Shawls and scarves

When you’re in doubt what accessories you need, especially the transition from one to another season, place a jacket or sweater, select scarf. Select a warm and pleasant cashmere for the colder months and nice and light for spring and summer.



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