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Kenya and Zanzibar for most “experienced “travelers

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  • Nairobi, capital town of Kenya, will surprise you with its vivacity and her tempestuous nightlife, which lasts almost until dawn. He is one of the few cities that can boast of a natural reserve in the center. Here are the orphanages for elephants, giraffe’s famous center and worth a visit the “Maasai Mara” National Reserve – one of the most natural reserves in the world, which besides various animal species, lives and Maasai tribe, whose members are skilled warriors who until last century dominated the space of Savannah, and today isolated, dealing with fishing and processing on land.

Masai_Tribes_Kenya park-Nairobi

  • Zanzibar is known as “African paradise of the sea”, but also beautiful beaches and unique beauty natural offers many other things. Stone Town is the capital city of Zanzibar, which is protected by UNESCO as a world cultural tradition.



Blue sea in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Chang Island, which is one of the main attractions and is famous for two things: the old prison for slaves and giant turtles.

Visit the Jozani forest and red monkeys are imperative. Besides monkeys you will certainly meet chameleons and leopards. We recommend Safari, which is different than in Tunisia or Egypt

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