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Kate Moss presents the new wallpaper design collection!

The famous model Kate Moss once again showed us the love she feels about the world of design …

In collaboration with the English house for wallpapers de Gournay, this star created a glamorous collection of wallpaper, which was presented at her home in London.

This collection came from the inspiration of the mysterious light of twilight and the fascination of the anemas, flowers that, according to Greek mythology, came from the tears of Aphrodite. The design process of the “Anemones in the Light” collection was created as a result of the intense cooperation of the top model with the creative director of this brand

“I want to watch the old movies with glamorous baths, in which you can see the luxurious armchairs. My bathroom has a chesterfield armchair and I always sit in it, “explains Kate. “In the bathroom I have a gramophone, so here is a comfortable and fun atmosphere, filled with wonderful scents.”

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