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Jay Z send love message to Beyonce after confession for infidelity

Jay Zy opens up for his love for Beyoncé and for the fight to preserve his marriage after betraying her.

“She is my soul mate, the person I love … We chose to fight for our love. For our family. To give our children a different outcome, to break the circle for black men and women … We were never a celebrity couple, we were a couple who by chance was from celebrities. We are a normal people, “he said in an interview with CNN.

Two months ago, in an interview with The New York Times, Jay Zy talked about problems in marriage with Beyoncé and for the first time admitted that there was infidelity. “You have to survive. Well, you’re going to a survivalphase , and when you go to that stage, what’s going on? You exclude all emotions. Even with women, you will exclude yourself emotionally, so you can not contact … In my case, it’s deep. And because of this, all things happen: infidelity … “- he said.

With the album “Lemonade”, Beyonce began speculation about the crisis in her marriage and that the famous rapper betrayed her with “Becky with beautiful hair”. Jay Zi boosted those conversations with new songs. Well, to the question of whether it put them in an awkward position, he replied: “We used our art as a therapeutic session … and we were very uncomfortable for both of us, but the best place in a hurricane is to be at his center. We sat in the eye of a hurricane. Oh, we better not use the word hurricane, because many people suffer from it, but the best place is to be in the middle of the pain. And we sat there. It was awkward. And we talked a lot. You know, I was very proud of the music she did and she was very proud of the art I was publishing. At the end of the day, we have great respect for each other for our creations. I think it is incredible …. The hardest thing is when you see on one’s face a pain that you have caused and then you have to deal with yourself. ”

Beyonce and Jay Zee have obviously overcome the problems and are currently rejoicing for the three children.

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