It’s time for series!

Depression due to the arrival of the bleak autumn can break it just only one thing -” a good series”.


Do you like Vinona?

Because of her we were anxious to see the new horror series –“Stranger Things”, in which the “problematic ” actress interprets the character of a single mother whose son disappears. The investigation indicates the mysterious paranormal phenomens.


The Mini- Series “The Night Of “is folowing the life of one layer called Jack Stone who runs a complex case of a young Pakistan accused for murder

The good Girls go in heaven, all of them

In the serie “The Good Place” Eleonor after her death awakens in the “good place.” Actually her arriving there there was a mistake.

Lies in video-format

“Girlfriend Experience” is a TV adaptation of the eponymous film by Steven Soderbergh. It is a story of prostitution, which is followed by a law student, the role is given by Riley Kyoto, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley.



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