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It’s Made the strongest coffee in the world: Find out what its ingredients!

1-napraveno-e-najsilnoto-kafe-vo-svetot-doznajte-koi-se-negovite-sostojki-kafepauza-mk_-1If you love coffee and look for something that will keep you awake longer, this Australian coffee may be the right choice for you. Cafe “Viscous” in Adelaide, Australia serves drink that it was named “the strongest coffee in the world.” In fact, if you drink this coffee, you enter the same amount ofespresso as you drank typically  80 cups of coffee .

Направено е најсилното кафе во светот: Дознајте кои се неговите состојки

This cold-brewed coffee is an invention of the café owner, Steve Bennington, at the request of one nurse for every emergency that had to stay awake longer during the night shift.

Before he put the caffeine bomb on the menu, Bennington adapted the recipe and alleviated somewhat in line with customers’ needs. His current composition containing 120 milliliters of cold coffee was actually 10 days in water at room temperature, 4 doses of espresso and 8 ice cubes.One cup of drink contains 5 grams of caffeine (normal cup of coffee contains 120 milligrams of caffeine). Only a single ice cube contains as much caffeine as 2 doses of espresso.

Направено е најсилното кафе во светот: Дознајте кои се неговите состојки

Consumers are advised to be careful. Bennington always talk to excited guests before they bring the drink to make sure they know in what they are engaging. In addition, the menu has a warning written in red letters: “People with high blood pressure and / or heart disease drink at his own risk.”


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