The Italians approved: 15 short rules for a perfect pasta meal!

Pasta is one of the most popular dishes around the world. Most of us enjoy pasta at least once a week, and there are many different ways in which we prepare. But if you want to prepare delicious pasta every time, then remember the following 15 rules from the biggest  makers – the Italian women!

1. Always cook pasta with the addition of chili. But the sauce should not be too angry, because it would ruin the eating. However, it should be intense enough to enhance the taste of pasta.

2. When you’re preparing a meal with shrimps, prepare cooked pasta with richer flavors in the boiling water.

3. If you are cooking with wine, use the same wine that you will then drink along with the meal.

4. Do not overdo it with the sauce, because during the meal you should enjoy the taste of the pasta itself.

5. Try different shapes of pasta. There are about 350 different types of pasta around the world. And it’s a great choice for experimenting, playing and fun during cooking.

6. If you want to cook pasta as the Italians do, then the water should boil for 1 to 5 minutes, but not more.

7. If you are eating a baked pasta, always bake so that the glossy side of the aluminum foil will turn it down.

8. When you’re melting the butter on the stove, remove it from the fire while is still melting in order not to burn.

9. When you’re making pasta with vegetables, slice whole vegetables into small pieces of equal size to cook evenly.

10. Always add salt in the cooking water, but not too much. The recommended amount is 10 grams per 3 liters of water.

11. When you add lemon to the meal, squeeze it so that the lemon meat is turned to the palm of your hand to stop the seeds from eating.

12. Avoid adding garlic to pasta. It is not needed in the preparation of pasta and add it only if the taste and smell of the onion you use is not good enough.

13. In the water in which the pasta is cooked, add small sherry tomatoes. Cut the tomatoes with a knife and place them in the water. They will give them a nice taste of pasta.

14. If you prepare meals and pasta is cooled before serving, you do not need to heat them again, but just wash them with boiling water and continue.

15. Olive oil may or may not be added to the pasta while the cooking. It will give the pasta a completely different taste, so use it when you are ready for experimentation.

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