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           European capitals are well known, but certainly remain unexplored these remote places, they are an inspiration for many world travelers. With the rise of Instagram, we can enjoy the photos and the unique experiences of others wishing to visit some of the destinations.

Here we’re presenting to you profiles which you will immediately add for friends:

@AGUYNAMEDPATRICK New York ,Patrick Janelle is graphic designer and art director from Colorado, who works and lives in New York.

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He says that he is addicted to Instagram and collaborated with many companies and design studios, and also he has photos of New York in his profile and you will find those from California or Aspen. Patrick with his camera observes good restaurants and cafes, so if you like to travel to New York – you should take a note!

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@BIPOLAIRE61 – Antarctic

Photos from around the world, and especially will delight you those of Antarctic. Penguins and many other animals, icebergs and distant magical beaches and volcanoes – this profile will worship the nature lovers.


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@YOUNGADVENTURESS – New Zealand – Liz Carlson will introduce you to the joys of New Zealand, with magnificent scenery and beaches. On her blog you can find hit restaurants and Liz also has lived in Spain, so she offers top destinations in this country too.

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 @HIROZZZZ – Tokyo

Hiroaki Fukuda is not a classic blogger. It’s hard to find a place not visited Iceland, Turkey, France, and regularly publishes his Instagram account. Hiroaki is from Tokyo and his photographs unless cult symbols, you will see the beautiful scenery.

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Leila is a blogger who has grown up in Los Angeles in 2012 but she lives in London. We could circumvent this metropolis, and Layla is one that will inspire you with their photos. Recently visited Tokyo, so you can see what saw there!

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