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In the shoes of Jimmy Choo the Spring is the prettiest!

The luxury brand for shoes and handbags Jimmy Choo, revealed the new campaign for spring / summer 2017. The new season looks cheerful and colorful, and the models Kiki Willems and Lou Gaillot pose wearing elegant models from the spring collection.For this spring Jimmy Choo woman is wearing sexy sandals which come in several flavors – from ornate ‘Lolita’ till ‘Dillan’ denim models.

jimmy-choo-spring-summer-2017-campaign01 jimmy-choo-spring-summer-2017-campaign07-1 jimmy-choo-spring-summer-2017-campaign06 jimmy-choo-spring-summer-2017-campaign05 jimmy-choo-spring-summer-2017-campaign04 jimmy-choo-spring-summer-2017-campaign03

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