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The ideal dog for you according to the Zodiac sign!

You that you do not have a dog, admit it how many times you ever thought about your future pet. But, in yourselves you are not sure, which sort is the perfect for you.

Aries (21.3. – 19.4.): German shepherd

Strong, cheeky and hesitant: The ram is considered the strongest of all  signs of the zodiac, and the same means for this smart, obedient and intuitive dog. We guarantee that you will agree as wine and water.

Bull (20.4. – 20.5.) Siberian Husky

Certainly you are looking for a dog that is strong and vibrant, which would perfectly fit into your active lifestyle. What better race to the Huskies, who is kind to dogs sled in the Arctic? Just like you, they do not give in to pressure, but extremely attentive.

Gemini (21.5. – 20.6.), Weimaraner

You need a dog that you can send your fast pace of life. These hunting dogs are not only fast, but also extremely intelligent and sociable. I’m going to read you all the time!

Cancer (21.6. – 22.7.): Chihuahua

Brave Cancer, your ideal company is creative and spontaneous, just like you. And Chihuahua is known for its eccentricity and courage, no better combination for you.

Leo (23.7. – 22.8.): Golden retrivir

Dear Lions, beside you all feel good, just as though this fun dog. Golden retriever is faithful, energetic and literally, always happy – three qualities that prices are over.

Virgin (23.8. – 22.9.): Shiba Inu

A sign that is considered for the most intelligent around the zodiac, does not require any pet. These Japanese hunting dogs are known for their independence, autonomy and intelligence. Top three words that can describe the Virgin.

Libra (23.9. – 22:10.),  Australian Shepherd 

You value balance is in all things, and this race is equally funny and serious. Whether you play or just want games or hugs in the couch, this shepherd is loving and will always be here for you when you will need it.

Scorpion (23:10. – 21:11.) Labrador

Just like you, Labrador appreciates loyalty above all. These dogs are good by nature and known for creating deep connections as lifelong friendship with their owners. Although you do not want showing emotion, this race will adapt to every mood in which you find yourself and will surprise you with a graceful kiss, when most you need it.

Sagittarius (22.11. – 21.12.): Beagle

Looking for a companion for your next adventure? Beagle always has a muzzle on the floor because it is looking for interesting smells exactly like you, and with eagerly it waits for the next challenge. You and your dog, you’ll never miss to explore here. Hold the Beagle always close to you, he will take the lead if ever lost the road.

Capricorn (22.12. – 19.1.): Chow Chow

Noble and dignified, Chow Chow is often considered the reserved withdrawn. But to you it will not bother you, because even you’re the type who brings “heart on his sleeve.” Your circle of friends is small, but once when you know this bearable dog will certainly make room for another.

Aquarius (20.1. – 18.2.) Western Scottish terier

The word boredom does not exist in your vocabulary, you need it equally living dog beside you. This dog has entertainment and loves to be outside, he needs an owner who is always ready to play, just like you. You need this pet that fills your day with excitement.

Pisces (19.2. – 20.3.): French Bulldog

You are full of surprises dear Pisces, and the same goes for this cute dog. His small stature adorns great particularity. Just like you, well adapted and feel emotions continually strives everyone around him to be always cheerful and smiling.

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