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Idea worth millions – dresses with cheerful motives on the back that surrounded the Balkan!

The coincidental idea of the Serbian hostess Aida Jokanovic proved to be rather profitable, after her brand Wholly achieved tremendous success.

It seems that this summer every girl wanted to have at least one piece of her line of keshaal t-shirts- dresses. But what makes them particularly interesting are the details of the back of otherwise monotonous pieces.

Aida created the first dress with a handmade balloon for her friend who loved balloons. She only wanted to give her something that would take longer with her favorite motive.

Then she created an alarm clock dress for girls who are constantly late, the dresses for those who are dependent on the sun and the sun and for those who are constantly receiving some new ideas, symbolically marked with a lamp on the back.

Girls who already have these long t-shirts that can be worn and like a dresses claim that are the most comfortable soft thing they’ve ever carried.

The colors are alive, and for everyone there is a motif on the back in which they will be found.

Aida wanted the word “Hole”, that is, “Dupka” to be an integral part of the brand name according to the look of the fashion pieces, so she played the pronunciation when she came to the “Wholly” solution.

Given that we all want interesting details on the back of our clothes, it’s not a bad idea to have few pieces with the Wholly holes:

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