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How to wear a long sweater dress, without to look naked and obscene?

When the temperatures will get down around 10th grade and do not intend to raise any time soon,you all see to feel warm and comfortable.But when we should be dressed in the same time, lately all choose a combination – long sweater dress with high boots over knees.


Sweater dresses are available in many lengths, colors and patterns, but all have one small problem – how not to look as “naked” and obscene If we decide for them?

The following tips are – avoid length which covers 2/3 of the thighs, do not choose models that have bare neck and shoulders and always wear tights, even colorless.

Plus, the layers are another game that you can use when you’re wearing only a sweater dress. Excessively tight models also aren’t your best friends.

How all this you can link into a modern whole?

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