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How to use a primer?

If you are not familiar with its use, you may have the opinion that the primer is just another unnecessary step in your make – up routine.

But if you use it, certainly you know well why Make- up artists are obsessed with it. Primer has amazing properties and is a necessary accessory in your kit.


  1. Look for pigment formula

If your skin is lifeless, pale pink primers can achieve extra glow to your face. Smooth purple shades can get well unhealthy color, while green formulas neutralize the redness.

  1. Less is more

Remember, the purpose is not to face your pores with this product! If you overdo the application may cause counter effect. One drop is enough. Necessary, wipe it gently into the skin for equal coverage.

  1. Take care about your eyes

Gently applied around the eyes and eyelids, primer acts as a three in one, it matte effect skin and thus enhances the durability of make-up, softens wrinkles around the eyes and neutralize the redness.

  1. Beware of acne

If your primer contains ingredients for acne, avoid additional treatments. Application of many products for acne suddenly, may irritate the skin and cause inflammation.

  1. Apply primer on your lips

If you do not have a dedicated lip primer to prevent the fading of lipstick, under the lipstick apply a small amount of primer designed for the face.

  1. Finished with dust powder

To fix make-up, follow this magical sequence: first you can put primer, then a liquid powder and in the end eventually translucent powder. Without finishing with dust powder, water is part of the composition of your makeup and silicone which is an integral part of most primers, that will repel each other and quickly will erased from the face.

  1. Flatten your neckline

Exactly, except your eyes, cheeks and lips, primer makes miracles and on the other body parts. The silicone in the primer  fill the wrinkles on the face, and it can operate in other areas. Apply to hands, neck and chest and your skin will look younger throughout the day.

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