How to protect the hair during the sleeping

Even the best and strongest hair drying of your hairstyle, immediately after sleep can turn into morning chaos. Everybody is well known the moment when you wake up and see your face in the mirror to see the damage from the nighttime sleep, searching for different ways to save the perfect hairstyle about last night.


But the good news is that there are several tactics as in the morning to wake up with beautiful hair that is easy to shape.

  1. Avoid hair bands

  • Believe it or not, during the sleeping you can make a huge damage to the hair. Many people invest big amount of money for the appearance of their hair and trying to save the hair from destroying and contribute to additional stress on the hair and roots stretch
  1. Treatments overnight come in handy

Treatments that you make to your hair and leave overnight, sometimes it can be the best medicine for dry and cracked tops. To get a more streamlined mixture, mix a small bottle of coconut, argan, walnut, almond or castor oil in one cup of warm water, then apply it to the peaks and collect loose hair in a high bun.

  1. Wrapping

    • If you like the look of sleek straight hair, comes in handy the technique of wrapping. Start from the top of the head to brush your hair tidy and to wrap around your head. When finished, put large hairpins to fix the hair. For better visualization, you can look of many videos in YouTube.

  1. Choose the right one pillow for sleeping

  • Your cotton pillow can wreckage the hair. Silk or satin are the best choice when it comes to choose about pillow.
  1. Combing your hair before going to bed

  • One of the best things you could do to your hair is to comb it before you go to sleep. Comb the hair from the roots to the tips within minutes. This way you will help the natural oils from the scalp to deploy along the entire fiber.

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