How to make a successful detoxification of the body?

Roast meat, potatoes, sugar, it will accumulate in your body, especially around the holidays . It is therefore wise to access detoxification, as soon as completed this period to cleanse the body.


Here is the way, how to do that:

  1. Do not drink coffee, alcohol, black tea instead of that  drink plenty of tea from a grass. Nettle tea for example is excellent for the kidneys.
  2. Drink 3l water daily.
  3. Drink fresh juices. Especially good are the ones that are made of carrots, beets, apples, cucumbers. These ingredients are cleaning the body.
  4. Avoid the processed food. Take better products that are consumed in its natural state than some that you need to cook them. If you already want to cook, the steam food is the best, because it retains the nutrients.
  5. Eat five servings of vegetables and fruit daily. This example you will  achieve, if at lunch and dinner on your plate has 60% vegetables.
  6. Reduce the products of animal . And this does not mean only the meat it includes the milk too. Better consume lentils, beans and other such similar products to equip the body with protein.
  7. Encourage the discharge of toxins. Exercise, sleep longer, and if you have time you can go to the sauna.

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