How to apply eyeliner, according to the shape of the eye?

The eyes are the main weapon of many women especially when it comes of seducing look.


However the different shape of each eye requires proper makeup, and often wanting to look better are going to get quite the opposite effect.

The following examples will show you what should bow can do depends on the shape of your eyes.

Eye in the form of almond


This form is characterized with that the outer and inner corner of the eye are at the same level.

To highlight the eyes trace a thin line from the inner corner to the outer. On that way the eyes will visually expand and become more noticeable.

Droopy eyelids



This is where the eyes of the top cover is partially hidden by the skin and the eye looks smaller.

To highlight the eyes pull a thick line from central to eyelashes. How much darker the pencil for eye is, that better.

Wide-set eyes


If the distance between the eyes is greater than their length then you belong in this group.

For visually to reduce this distance, drag a line from the middle to the outer corner of the lower eyelid and a full line of top cover.

Big eyes


In large (round) and sufficiently expressive eyes you should achieve the effect of lengthening.

To do this, keep the elbow a little further from the part where the outer corner ends. “Smookey” eyes are great to achieve this effect.

An elongated eyes


Elongated eyes are considered incredibly sexy, but it is important to be careful when you’re drawing the arc in this form to not make them even narrower.

First apply white pencil interior of the eyelid and then trace a thin top.

Close-set eyes


Close-set eyes are those where the distance between them is less than their length. The main task in this case is to achieve greater visual openness.

To do this we need to make the transition from light to dark shades on the outside corner. Start the arc from the inner corner and extend it beyond the outer corner.

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