How many of them you have read?

As for books, we are always striving to bring you the latest and the best books ever; these are our proposals that will leave you an incredible impression.

How many of them you have read

  1. I am Malala – Malala Jusafzaj, ARS Libris

When the Taliban seized the Swat valley, a girl raised her voice. Malala Jusafsaj fought for her right to education. When she was 15, almost she will lose her life with it. She was shot in the head, returning from school to home by bus and spent little expected to survive. At age 16, he became the youngest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  1. Meditations – Louise Hay, three

This is a book of decisions to accelerate our personal creative – thinking process. It opens the possibility us differently perceive their experiences. We come into this world with so pure, spotless mind, perfectly connected with his wisdom. While we grow, we grasp the attitudes and restrictions on adults.

  1. The advantage of one moth – Steven Chboski, matica

This book offers a unique perspective. But there comes a time to see what life is like from the podium to dance. This is a story about the time of secondary school growing much more intimate than a simple diary. Charlie’s letters are unique, funny and overwhelming.

  1. Sunset – Katina Catena, anthology

A young girl wants to play in the rhythm of the music, but gets in the rhythm of passion. The ambitious Carmen enrolled in dancing classes charming and irresistible Zeph. The absence of her fiancé Nick used to wake up his talent for dancing without being aware that fate imposes awakening of love that was covered by the society.

  1. Child Psychology – Alfred Adler – Gjurgja

Under the command of the man we know we mean in personal conduct in a person to others, in the formed of his sense of familiarity. School is the beginning of the development in such person as it begins in the family. When you start schooling again then the child and teacher are facing a new task.

  1. Central Park – Guillaume Miso ,toper

Life is a strange maze, woven from the chain of coincidences. A tiny grain of sand in the whirl of everyday life is able to displace our life. Nothing is coincidence… New York

  1. Mission – Mile Kostov, Gjurgja

It was found a text which reveals the secrets of the Pentagon operations in Syria, Iran and the Balkans. Mysterious manuscript predicts the future. One girl is involved in the games of power that rule the world.

  1. How to stop worrying and start getting to live – Dale Carnegie, three

How to plan and make it more beautiful future, without unnecessary burden to care for her. Instead of weeping for the mistake that been made, we need to face with the problem.

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