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How it looks the frozen city in China this year?

Festival of ice sculptures and snow has opened the doors for all fans of the frozen art.

Traditionally, the 32nd time in a row, the city of Harbin in China is hosting an exhibition of sculptures of ice which begins on January 5th and lasts about a month.

The city of Harbin is located in northern China, and if you say that the average winter temperature is -16.8 degrees, will surely become clear why he was chosen to host such a special event. Although at the beginning the festival was only at the local level and participation generally took Chinese, over the years it has grown into an international festival in which participate a number of countries.

Today “Festival of Ice” is not a mere exhibition of sculptures of ice and snow, but also the annual cultural event of international exchange.

Each year the number of experts is growing, artists and lovers of ice sculptures from America, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Russia, China, coming to compete, but also to exchange ideas and opinions in the world built from snow and ice.

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