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House with Gallery: Perfect mini home for young couple!

Prepare to be Amazed! With an area of only 33 square meters, this beautiful house is a small Scandinavian residential miracle.

It is a modern architectural building in Sweden, which outside is made of wood, which gives it extraordinary appealing rustic overtones. Private entrance, garden, and large windows that completely open in the middle, make up only part of its authentic charm.

The interior, however, reveals just carefully planned and orderly space, whose design is characterized by bright colors and moderation when details matter. The prevailing neutral palette of colors, from pure white to dark gray, but also in a green accent.

Cottage spans on two floors, with the ground floor in which positioned the day room, kitchen and bathroom, and second floor in the form of an open gallery, where the comfortable bedroom.

The perfect spot to stay in love couple, right?

See photos and be inspired by the wonderful ideas which are offered:

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